Musing Mondays - Week 7

"Musing Mondays" is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading. Today's (or rather WAY back in the week) asks:

If you read romance novels, answer this question:
Who are your favorite “romance” authors? Why?

If you do NOT read romance novels, answer this question instead:
Do you read love-themed books in honor of Valentine’s Day? Or, Valentine’s Day books, specifically? If so, give us some examples! If not, why not?

Well, I dunno about the Romance Novels. Wanna know what I was doing my valentine's day? Studying for a French Test and doing other sorts of various homework... exciting right??

But however, I did read a really cute YA Romance novel, which was really funny as well. I'll totally post a review soon. It was Geek Magnet by Kieran Scott. Loved it! Just really adorable :D. But yeah, I only got to read a teeny bit, cause of the test and other homework. UGHH. It's so not fair how much work and tests I have/had this week (3 so far, and 2 more tomorrow).

Well, sorry for the pretty late (and short) post, but what's your answer to the question? Leave a link/comment!

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