Top Ten Tuesday - Week 8

"Top Ten Tuesday" is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten is: Top Ten Characters (and Literary Figures) that I'd Name my Children After.

1. Katniss. After I fell in love with The Hunger Games, I decided that I would name my daughter Katniss, after the main character. She's headstrong, fierce and determined, and is everything I want my (way into the future) daughter to be.

2. Jace. I fell in love with this name after reading The Mortal Instruments and I knew that I MUST name my future son's name...if I have one that is :S.

3. Chloe. Chloe is a cute name, one from Bratz when I grew up and more importantly, the main character of The Darkest Powers trilogy. I loved her, she's amazing and is just plain AWESOME.

4. Peeta. Love him! Is there anything more to say?!

5. Mia. The Princess Diaries' main character, Mia is not at all wanting to be a princess in the first place! I love the hilarity of her "diary" and I just think she's an honest, funny person looking for love and doesn't care about the fame.

6. Sam Taylor. I would so name a son's first name Sam and middle name Taylor! I loved this guy from Gingersnaps and he's quirky, fun, original and so not interested in fitting in.

7. Aria. I'd pick this name for two reasons: One, she's my fave Pretty Little Liars BOOK character (luv Emily in the TV show!) and Two, My Name (Rabiah Ali Rowther) scrambled up = Aria Harrow Blithe. YAY!

8. Zach. NOO! Not after Efron, but after the amazing (amazingly hot!) character from Meg Cabot's novel, Jinx.

9. Lena. I think she was the sweetest and most caring of the four in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. Love her so much, and she's Greek! YAY!

10. Perseus. I love this name from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and the Greek Myth. I would put this as a middle name though. It would sound does Zach Perseus (last name goes here) sound?

Well, that was my really wacky list...what's yours? Leave a link/comment!


  1. Nice list! Jace and Chole are my two favorites.

  2. I can easily envision a child with any of these lovely names.

  3. Great list! I almost put Mia on mine as well.


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