Cover Alert (9)

"Cover Alert" is a meme I made up when I happen to catch a glimpse of exciting upcoming releases! and this one...I'm soundless-ly screaming right now. YUP, here it is, the long awaited cover for Julie Kagawa's fourth book in The Iron Fey series:


I just HAD to make this extra huge...otherwise there's no fun in it right?

I'm currently reading The Iron Daughter (and loving it!) and I SO can't wait for this one to come out. Luckily, while I wait, I still need to read The Iron Queen and the novella in between that and The Iron Knight, which is Summer's Crossing, which is for free now! click here to check it out.

The cover looks really amazing, and actually looks like Ash as I pictured him :) so I'm glad about that! Have you read The Iron Fey series? Leave your comments/link to reviews etc. below! :D

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  1. This cover is so pretty. I always love the colors of all the books in this series !
    I can't wait to read it !

    I just finished this morning the novella Summer's Crossing it was so great :) full of Puck's wit :p !


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