My Invisible Boyfriend by Susie Day

My Invisible Boyfriend by Susie Day

Published: April 1st, 2010
Publisher: Scholastic
Rating: YA 13+
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed from Library

Heidi has the perfect solution to her popularity problems - a fake boyfriend. She's even made him an Internet profile that makes him look like a motorcycle-riding, poetry reading bad boy. *swoon* Heidi's friends are so impressed they start emailing Heidi's fake boyfriend with their problems . . . including their problems with Heidi.
As if that weren't bad enough, a delicious and possibly single person called "A Real Boy" emails Heidi to say he knows the truth. Can Heidi escape from her world wide web of lies? Or will her chance at romance disappear faster than you can type gtg?

As Heidi feels left out when all her friends start falling in love– she's desperate to find someone too...and she's do whatever it takes: beg, borrow, or... imagine.
The cute idea of a story and the cover definitely peaked my interest, and I was squealing when I found out that my school's library had it. The publishing date is also pretty hilarious for this book (April Fool's Day!) and it's definitely what this book is. It's funny, grabbing and will have you laughing at Heidi's (isn't that such an adorable name?!) attempt to create the hottest, most talented and to-good-to-be-true boyfriend ever.

I found this quite similar to the Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series by Louise Rennison, as it's the perspective (very diary like...except not) of the main character. She gets into a whole bunch of trouble and there's always something going on with her friends and a love interest. As with the Georgia Nicholson series, I found the writing different from what I usually read. British vocab is pretty hard– even when I go to a school full of 'em! It was quite difficult to understand what Heidi was talking about some of the time. I got comfort from the lady who owned the cafe which Heidi works in. She's American, which is much easier for me to understand!
The book had a load of things going on, although the main focus of Gingerbread Ed was apparent throughout. Some people grow distant for different reasons, people fall in and out of love, tricks are played, fights are battled and everything comes together in a satisfying conclusion. I kinda guessed what would happen in the end, and even guessed who was posing as Ed from the emails! It's a really cute and happy ending though, so... :)

I found that Heidi has such a hilarious imagination (although confusing sometimes) with her partner in crime (or rather, HIS partner in crime) Mycroft Christie, who is a fictional character from Heidi's fave TV show. These bits were hilarious and good to read, not as confusing and most of the plan and information discovered is revealed in the "dialogue" between the two characters. It's been a pretty long time since I read the book, so I can't remember any specific deets about what goes on, but it's one heck of an internal conflict!
The e-mails which Heidi, her invisible boyfriend, and her friends exchange for quite a lot of the book were slightly confusing as to who was talking to who and what was going on (although, this, like the fictional character above, is important!) and LOADS of information which Heidi finds out about her friends comes from "Ed" talking to them. I find it weird how they seem to trust Ed more than Heidi...I mean, she's their friend right?? It's slightly a bit off how they want to talk to him more... ahhh well.

Overall, with a fabbity-fabbity-fab (Georgia's words–not mine!) ending, and hilarious and shocking in between, My Invisible Boyfriend will bring out what most girls hide away: their Prince Charming, waiting for him to ride off into the sunset with them. Susie Day has created a heart-warming novel which will give you giggles and memories of what it's like to pretend.

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  1. Sounds like a very fun read. Good for the summer. And yes, Heidi is a fantastic name. lol (it's my name)

  2. Sounds amazing..I've read Susie Day's newest book and loved it so I'm deffo going to try this one. :-) Great review. x


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