Waiting on Wednesday – Week 19

"Waiting on Wednesday" is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine. It's to spotlight upcoming reads which I'd DIE for!

A book I can't wait for is...

Everything You Need to Survive the Apocalypse 
by Lucas Klauss
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2012

Phillip's sophomore year is off to a rough start. One of his best friends ditches him for a group of douchebags. His track coach singles him out for personalized, torturous training sessions. And his dad decides to clean out all of the emergency supplies from the basement, even though the world could end in disaster at any moment...and even though those supplies are all Phillip has left of his dead mom. Not that he wants to talk about that.

But then Phillip meets Rebekah. Not only is she unconventionally hot and smart, but she has seriously great boobs. And she might like him back.
As Phillip gets closer to Rebekah, he tries harder and harder to turn himself into the kind of person he thinks she wants him to be. But the question is, can he become that person? And does he really want to?

This one sounds seriously hilarious! Can't wait 'till it comes out :) and totally love the cover as well! 
Well, this was my WoW this week! What are you "waiting on" this week? Leave a link/comment!


  1. sounds good!

    here's my WOW


  2. Thanks for the post. This does sound fun.:-)
    I juggle keeping up with my review books and rarely have time to look at what's coming!


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