Booking Through Thursday - Week 1

"Booking Through Thursday" is a weekly event hosted by Should Be Reading. This week's question is:

Any New Year’s reading resolutions?

Well, I guess my goals or resolutions are pretty straight forward. I hope to actually achieve 200+ books this year, which I'm pretty sure I've never done. I guess with the amount of "to borrow from the library" books I have in a pile is long enough. I also hope to finish up the books from my own shelf that I haven't gotten to reading yet. All those classics and other fantasy books that I just haven't started reading...god, that makes me feel bad. Anyway, and another, I hope to actually review every book I read. I generally read like 3 or 4 books a week (when I have the time and no homework), so I hope to be doing that much in one week. Also blogging almost everyday, posting at least 6 posts each week. I love blogging and I have only gotten into it pretty recently. Anyway, my last "hope", is to get more suggestions etc. from YOU guys. I've gotten a few suggestions, but I'd really like more, so I know what to review and what types of books you guys like! So you know, just read the review policy or whatever or drop by an e-mail at:  

Well, that was my Booking Through Thursday...what's your resolutions for 2011? Leave a link or a comment in the comments box!

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