M or F? by Lisa Papademetriou and Chris Tebbets

Frannie is desperate to get the attention of her crush, Jeffrey, but too shy to make a move. Frannie's gay best friend, Marcus, advises her to get the ball rolling by chatting with Jeffrey online, but Frannie won't type a word. Marcus takes over at the keyboard, and soon his plan is a success! But the more he chats, the more it seems Jeffrey is falling for Marcus, not Frannie. Whose romance is this, anyway?

M or F? is an amazingly funny book which involves mixups, laugh-out-loud humor, and the main question, who likes who? Marcus and Frannie are best friends, but could they have a fallout over one guy?

I really loved the aspect of this book. I was hooked once I read the blurb at the back, and I was waiting for the answer to the whole dilemma. Through several mixups and a HUGE mistake with an interesting twist, this book was hilariously well-written. The characters were so realistic, with the ups and downs of friendships, getting a new crush, online messaging and line dancing (you'll get that bit if you read it). Also with how to admit to someone that you're homosexual, and how to deal with it, and how people around should deal with it in general. Love the realism!

I don't think there was ever a dull part in this book. It just took me long to read it, because of, well, mostly school work and stuff. I loved this book and it's seriously one of those books that are laugh-out-loud worthy, like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and Confessions of Georgia Nicholson. And the brevity of the book just adds on to its awesome-ness. It's amazing!

*SPOILER ALERT* I really thought that Jeffrey would be the one for Frannie. Actually, I think I liked Sundance (that was his name right?) better than Jeff, but sure, I kinda did expect this to happen in the end. No, not the major twist though. THAT, was surprising. Like in an almost-shocking way. I was like, NO WAY? Seriously? and yeah, that's how shocking it was. I mean, no one suspects it. I won't give it away, even though I really want to. It just spoils the whole book, thats what. 

I loved several parts in this book, including the "seduction", the STF at the fair (read the book and figure it out!) and the line dancing. I also loved how its from both Marcus and Frannie's perspectives, showing both the hilarity, love and pain from both of them. Love Marcus' movie picks (they're Indian – and I'm Indian too) because I knew which movie's they were talking about and the songs from it etc. I find the beginning (as it's planned like a movie) interesting as well (from Marcus' perspective) as it really reeled me into the story. Thumbs up for the beginning! (and the rest of the story...)

Overall, M or F? is a hilarious story of friendship and love, and with every twist and turn the answer comes closer to 'who likes who?'. With amazing depth to the characters in their perspectives, their feelings and mixups will stay with readers.

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