Booking Through Thursday - Week 3

"Booking Through Thursday" is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading. This week's question asks:

Even I read things other than books from time to time … like, Magazines! What magazines/journals do you read?

Hmm...I don't really read a lot of "other print" other than books. But I still love National Geographic Kids (Yup, you heard me) and other "teen magazines" such as J14 and Teen Vogue. But other than that, I don't think I read any other Magazines. Well, I do, but it really depends on what's inside. Like if it's an entertainment magazine and it's got an interview with a singer/actor that I like, I would read it.

Newspapers...I read the online New York Times! but only the top teen books section :P *hehehe*.

Well, what newspapers/magazine do YOU read? Leave a comment with a link, or just leave your answer in the comments box!

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