Musing Mondays - Week 4

"Musing Mondays" is a weekly meme by Should Be Reading. This week's musing is:

Is there a book you absolutely love, but for some reason, people never think it sounds interesting, or maybe they read it and don’t like it at all?

YES OMG. I totally get that sometimes!

My sister's usually the unfortunate one who has to listen to me rambling on and on about the book after I finish reading it, cause well, I have to tell someone. And sometimes, she actually says it sounds interesting. But because she's younger, sometimes she's like, "Yeah, okay. Why are you freaking out so much about it?" and I'm like ???.

And sometimes when I'm telling some of my friends about a book, they're like, and that's it. That's the response I get. I mean, sure, I know I don't explain it well, but that's the reaction I sometimes get.

Well, how about you?


  1. haha my sister is the same. She's usually the person around to tell and she's usually like "yeh whatever". It takes so much effort for her to believe me or even both picking it up. *sigh*

  2. *Laughs*

    I think sisters must be born to do and say the opposite to what you want lol

    Here's my POV: Musing Monday

    Sassy Brit

  3. I don't really discuss my books with others, at least not often. I have two friends that if I think they will enjoy a book I just read I will share the book with them. But otherwise, I don't discuss my love of books with others. Oh Yes other people know I am a book lover, but since they aren't we never discuss books.

  4. I agree that taste in books is very personal and others in RL don't always "get it"....but does that stop us from recommending the books that we love? No! We start a blog! lol

  5. I have one friend who has enjoyed some of the books from the past that I loved, but lately, she's really obsessed with authors and books I would never imagine her reading. Sometimes we go through phases....

    Here's my musing:

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  6. is fun to get enthusiastic about a book. I don't care what other say. Check out my answer for Monday's Musing.


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