Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas by Louise Rennsion

Georgia Nicolson is now the girlfriend of the Sex God (aka Robbie), and things are wonderful. Except her loony parents are dragging her off to Och Aye land (aka Scotland), and the Sex God's band's chance at a record contract has left her something of a "pop widow."

Then up rears temptation in the form of old flame Dave the Laugh. Is Georgia about to become a shameless vixen?

Funnier than ever, here comes Georgia Nicholson!

I must say, these are probably the funniest book series I've ever read. Even though it's usually British humor, it's still really funny! Everything, from the titles to the nicknames of her friends to Georgia's misadventures are hilarious. I honestly would recommend it to people who need a laugh, who love to laugh and those who'd just read it for the heck of it.

In this book, Georgia deals with a problem which most girls are facing these days: cheating on your guy. I mean, sure Georgia has Robbie now, but suddenly, she's finding other guys more attracting to her than I said, a problem which every girl has or someday, will have. The mishaps that Georgia gets into are laugh-out-loud worth, though we can feel her pain, as she's going through tough and deciding times.

The bad part about these books (well, at least for people like me, who don't live in England) is the words that Georgia uses. The Glossary in the back is nice, but I don't like reading the whole thing before reading the book just to understand what Georgia is saying. It's pretty hard at first, but I HOPE that it gets better with each book.

Angus, in this book, also has a love interest. Naomi the SK (figure it out yourselves). It's hilarious how many attempts it takes for, how Georgia's dad has to use various objects, just to keep them apart. And what's even more hilarious is Georgia's analogy with wishing that Robbie was doing the same things as Angus, being sad and lonely when she's not there (and then she adds: [something along these lines] "except, I hope he's not rubbing his bottom on the dustbin [was it dustbin?]"!).

The French teacher bits are also funny. It's really weird that when there is a good looking teacher, the students (girls mostly--if its a guy teacher obviously!) pay more attention to the lessons. It's funny how the girls in Georgia's class try so hard and do lots of work etc. and then there's the thing with the German teacher...priceless ;).

So do yourself a favor, and READ these books if you haven't yet. I've also got reviews on the first two books, Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging and It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers (see what I mean about the titles?). Just look under the "Books Reviewed" page. I should probably get my hands on the next book, Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants. That's it for now!

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