Cover Alert (2)

"Cover Alert" is a meme I started. It's when I find the new released cover of an upcoming book, and I want to share it with y'all! Note: You may have seen the's just when I find the cover! 

I just found out the cover for Thirst No. 4 by Christopher Pike! I haven't read any of them unfortunately, due to me accidently buying the 2nd one instead of the first...yeah, stupid of me, but here it is! I love these covers :)

It's to be released on August 9th 2011! OMG! but I have to read the others first, of course :P there's no blurb available, unfortunately :( but still, can't wait!

Leave a link/comment in the comments below and share what you:
a) think of the book ^ and/or 
b) your cover alert!


  1. I haven"t reads this series but it seems good, this cover is so pretty !! =)

  2. Love the blog! Come by and say hi if you get a chance! I'm giving away a signed copy of Chris Marie Green's Break of Dawn (Book 3 Vampire Babylon)!
    New follower!

  3. I really love your blog, and I'll be joining this meme as soon as I find a book to do... I hope you get your hands on the first in the Thirst series!

    Here's my blog:


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