On My Wishlist - Week 2

"On My Wishlist" is a weekly meme by Book Chick CityIt's to show show (one) book which is on my wishlist! It doesn't have to be new, it can be old or whatever. I just thought it would be cool (Like Book Chick City) to share the amazing books that I want to read on my mega huge wishlist.

One Book on My Wishlist:

Names Will Never Hurt Me
by Jaime Adoff

(from Goodreads)

In this gripping story, four very different teenagers reveal their deepest feelings and fears during a day in which the hurts and struggles of high school escalate dangerously. There's Kurt, the "freek" who listens to loud music, trying to escape the kids who bully him; Tisha, the girl who feels "out of place" because she's biracial; Ryan, the football star who rules the hallways but hides a terrible secret; and Floater, who wields power over students by acting as the principal's eyes and ears. As tensions rise and emotions reach the breaking point, will Kurt, Tisha, Ryan, and Floater be able to reach out to one another in time to prevent a tragedy?

I know the library has this one, so I'll see if I can go and borrow it next time! What's on your wishlist? Leave a link/comment!


  1. I hadn't even heard of this one before this! It sounds really good though, I'm going to have to check it out soon.

  2. This book seems pretty great ! Thanks ;)


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