Top Ten Tuesday - Week 4

"Top Ten Tuesday" is a weekly event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's top ten list is: Top Ten Bookish Resolutions.

1. I really need to start reading some new books. I keep on seeing new books such as Halo or The Lying Game and I keep on hanging back from buying them. NOT ANYMORE! I will buy them and read them!

2. Borrow More Books from the Library. As well as buying books (^) I also need to borrow books, the ones which are available to me for free! I love looking through the library as well :).

3. Read Books already on My Shelf. I have like 20 or something books on my shelf which I haven't read! I need to finish those and I'm determined to try.

4. Review Books More. I should review every book I read from now on. No excuses.

5. Read 200 books this year. It shouldn't be that hard. I read 184 last year and I WILL break that amount.

6. Read every book on my Top Ten Books I resolve to read list. Self explanatory.

7. Read around 2-3 books every week. and even more on the weekends.

8. Lend out/Recommend Books. I've read so much that I feel the need to share them with y'all and my friends. I will!

9. Read More of a Variety. I feel as if I'm reading too much paranormal these days.

10. Clean Up My Messy Bookshelf. I just moved into a new house (YAY!) and my books are all over the place because they haven't fixed the shelves in my room yet. I will order my books neatly when it has.

Well, this was my Top Ten...what's yours?

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  1. Great list! Ha-- I should've added clean my messy bookshelf to mine!


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